WPM Engineering, DPC

WPM Engineering, DPC is a New York-based engineering and consulting firm providing a full suite of services. Founded in 2001 by several stockholders of Walter P Moore, we are a diverse, globally experienced team of engineers, designers and architects focused on the design and lifelong stewardship of complex, high-performance structures and infrastructure. Although separate companies, WPM Engineering and Walter P Moore work closely to leverage collective knowledge and deliver projects using innovative digital workflow processes. This allows all our clients — regardless of geography — access to 87 years of engineering and consulting experience throughout North America and globally.

WPM Engineering provides a full suite of Structural, Infrastructure and Diagnostics practice area based services, including but not limited to Building Enclosure services, such as Enclosure Engineering and Enclosure Diagnostics, as well as comprehensive Diagnostics services related to Restoration & Renovation, Parking Restoration, Property Loss Consulting and Forensic Analysis.

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