Residential Street Program


City of Overland Park


Service: Roadway Design

Size: 10,400 LF

Feature: neighborhood communications program

Residential Street Program

Overland Park

The city of Overland Park’s local street program provided a number of challenges including neighborhood awareness, access during construction, property impacts and drainage. Walter P Moore designed residential street improvements including new asphalt pavement, curb and gutters, sidewalks, driveways, storm sewer systems, and street lights in various areas of the city. We planned improvements to two separate storm sewer systems as a part of the street projects. Improvements were designed to mitigate flooding in the adjacent yards. Existing features important to the property owners were preserved in the design, while still providing efficient conveyance of runoff. Walter P Moore conducted a comprehensive public involvement process that included four public meetings, implementation of a Neighborhood Notification Team and a Resident’s Survival Kit.