Marathon Oil Tower Façade Condition Assessment



Marathon Oil Tower Façade Condition Assessment


Walter P Moore is performing a comprehensive assessment of the façade system components at the 42-story Class A Marathon Oil Tower building. This includes arms-length observation of the building envelope at over 56 drops using a permanent façade access building management unit (BMU) rigged from the roof level. We are reviewing the granite cladding and clip panel supports, sealants, gaskets, window frames, insulated glass units, flashings, and integrated continuous stabilization anchors used during operation of the BMU. Nondestructive and minimally invasive testing are being performed using a borescope, infrared camera, Delmhorst moisture meter, and frost point testing. We are also analyzing the original design and as-built construction of the exterior wall and window systems, as well as diagnosing the cause of potential moisture infiltration (rainwater, condensation of moist air, vapor diffusion) through the building envelope.

This project includes ongoing close coordination with facility management as the building is occupied. Additionally, Walter P Moore developed a 3-D model of the structure viewable in PDF format for documenting observed distress conditions to keep the client notified of the review progress. Prior to our field assessment, we prepared conceptual repair documents for potential cladding distress conditions as a proactive measure to address emergency-basis potential life safety or structural integrity conditions encountered during our review. The end project deliverable is to develop global and localized remediation solutions for the building enclosure components to assist with developing a long-term building façade systems maintenance program.