Matthew Pavelchak

Matthew Pavelchak

Matthew Pavelchak, PE

Project Manager

Matt is a Project Manager in the Houston Diagnostics Group that focuses on solving issues with existing structures. He routinely performs structural design reviews and is involved with complex diagnostics engineering projects. His focus is primarily on instrumentation of structures, as well as litigation support and peer review services. His extensive experience with the design, implementation, and management of structural health monitoring and vibration monitoring projects make him an excellent resource for projects with vibration issues. Additionally, Matt investigates failures, performs peer reviews, and provides litigation support services related to structural engineering.

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Why did you choose Walter P Moore?
The culture, the people, and the projects!
What’s the best advice you’ve received—so far?
There is nothing so stable as change.
What gives you the most satisfaction in your work?
Seeing our engineering solutions built and being able to say “I contributed to that."
Who or what inspires you?
The poetry (songs) of Bob Dylan.


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