Lloyd Wolf

Lloyd Wolf

Lloyd Wolf, PE


Lloyd brings a wealth of experience in transportation engineering and bridge design to Walter P Moore from his 26-year career with the Department of Transportation (TxDOT) Bridge Division where he received nine awards for technical excellence. Under his direction at TxDOT, the bridge group completed over 1,800 projects. Lloyd is recognized as a statewide expert in accelerated bridge construction and prefabricated elements, and historic bridge rehabilitation. He also has taken a leadership role in negotiating approval of structural engineering and bridge design issues with Class 1 railroads. Lloyd is a member of the American Railway Engineering and Maintenance of Way Association, the American Concrete Institute, and the American Society for Testing and Materials. He earned his Master of Science in Civil Engineering from The University of Texas at Austin and his Bachelor of Arts in Design and Construction Management from Trinity University. Lloyd is a licensed professional engineer in Texas.

Who or what inspires you?
…structural engineering, heavy construction.
Why did you choose Walter P Moore?
…a recognized industry leader for excellence and innovation with structural engineering solutions for architectural applications; to help build its bridge and transportation engineering capabilities. I feel I can make a real contribution, backed by my 30 years of bridge and transportation engineering experience.
What’s your favorite way to pass time?
.…“problem solving within the industrial arts”— my favorite is troubleshooting problems and finding the solution.
What gives you the most satisfaction in your work?
Knowing I performed to the best of my abilities.


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