IT Infrastructure Consulting

IT Infrastructure Consulting

Today’s complex IT environments demand professional design and oversight. Business operations have become dependent on the secure and reliable operation of IT. The significant cost of this infrastructure, and the growing and significant cyber security threats, make efficient and cost effective management of this infrastructure a business imperative. Walter P Moore’s credentialed IT professionals have significant experience in this area and can assist a client in reviewing their infrastructure in a variety of domains. Our goal is to ensure that you understand how your environment compares to industry best practices on a cost and reliability basis, and to develop recommendations for adjusting your infrastructure to best meet your requirements and desired financial investment.



Cyber Security Audit

The technology landscape continues to change at an amazing rate, and with every new system or device comes additional concerns regarding security. Walter P Moore’s experts have the skill sets and experience required to review your system in detail and identify potential weaknesses and security threats. This service is comprehensive and includes a system audit designed to scan your network to identify any unknown devices, then preparation of a comprehensive system-based inventory. We also provide a configuration review which examines your servers, network, storage, group policy and active directory settings. Based on the results of our security scans, we assess your environment’s compliance with the 20 Critical Security Controls managed by the global Council on CyberSecurity. This assessment includes an examination of findings against your written policy, observed practice and management intention. We also offer network penetration testing services to verify implementation of recommendations.


IT Infrastructure Audit

The growing complexity and cost of today’s IT environments demand adherence to industry best practices when it comes to design and operations. As the success of day-to-day business activity is increasingly reliant on reliable IT infrastructure, cost effective design solutions are a must. The seemingly infinite array of options for back office hardware and software configurations can add significant complexity to the process of designing a right sized IT infrastructure that meets performance, reliability and cost expectations. Walter P Moore’s experts have had years of experience in the specification and design of these complex environments and provide a comprehensive audit of a firm’s IT infrastructure. Our review encompasses software compliance, disaster recovery and business continuity, desktop management, desktop and server virtualization, and cloud computing, whether a client is  considering an internal, public or hybrid solution. We have successfully deployed systems in all of these environments. In addition to a comprehensive audit against industry recognized best practices, we provide consultation on major technology purchases related to SAN, server refresh and networking systems.

Jim Jacobi

Jim Jacobi
Chief Information Officer