Construction Engineering

Construction Engineering

Large and long-span structures have special challenges during construction.  The safe erection of roofs with clear spans exceeding 300 feet and up to 1100 feet demands both analytically-sound and practical engineering solutions.  The economical design of complex and high-capacity connections of major steel elements demands creativity and technical chops.  

To meet these challenges and support our overall design practice and clientele, Walter P Moore’s Construction Engineering specialists provide a comprehensive set of construction engineering services, especially focused on large, complex structures.  These services include steel erection engineering, steel connection design, tunnel and shoring design, and related consulting services.  Our team of specialists is specifically dedicated to this type of work to ensure a combination of design experience and practical field expertise.



Long Span Roof Erection Engineering

In collaboration with the erector, we provide comprehensive erection consulting services including erection strategy and sequencing, structural analysis for erection loads, temporary and sequential stability analysis, and storm loading evaluation on partially erected structures.


Steel Connection Design

Working from design criteria and documents prepared by the Engineer of Record, we collaborate with the steel fabricator to conceive optimum connection strategies and concept details, perform detailed design of all connections, and provide sketch-level documentation to fabricator’s detailers.  Our documentation including 3D evaluation in TEKLA as needed for complex connections.


Temporary Underground Structures Design

Working with foundation contractors, we develop strategies and design solutions for temporary shoring and retention structures as needed to support tunneling and other underground construction operations. We emphasize simplicity and economy of the temporary structures while keeping safety paramount.


Steel Fabrication Optimization

Working collaboratively with steel fabricators during the bidding and project planning process, we develop strategies to optimize the sequencing, splicing, grouping, and connections of large steel structures with the intent of reducing the cost and speeding the detailing, fabrication, delivery, and erection of the overall structure.

Stephen Blumenbaum

Stephen Blumenbaum
Construction Engineering